Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contacting Babelswarm

We've been getting a lot of press, and requests for interviews and images recently. If you're interested in having a personal tour of Babelswarm (via Second Life), or would like some high-rez images you can contact us via email. We're looking for curators interested in seeing Babelswarm installed in their galleries. The Lismore Gallery's physical/virtual installation has struck a chord for many, and we're keen to expand on this with the next iteration of the work. Talk to us! We need you!


Thaumata said...

I am not a museum curator, but I am a moderator for the biggest group of Second Lifers on Flickr. We have nearly 6,000 members in our group now, from all around the world, and they are always interested in seeing creative uses of the Second Life grid.

As a way of fostering community and also to promote worthy spaces and interesting ideas, I like to post requests for theme photos from the group. This week, I suggested that everyone go to the BabelSwarm Installation and take a photo of their avatar sitting on a block which bears the first letter of their first name. Hopefully, this will bring you some fresh eyes from within the SL community.

If I may, I would recommend that you start a photo pool on Flickr to house community photos of this installation and others you have done. If you need some help with that, I would happily advise.

Thanks for your lovely work! I love to see someone showing such positive use of this medium!!

Amiee Jacobsen
SL: Thaumata Strangelove
Chicago, IL/Leeds, UK

Thaumata said...

Ah... I suppose it would help if I linked you to that discussion thread, yes? (Bear with me - it's 3am in Chicago!)

The thread is here.

christo said...

Thanks for the positive comments Thaumata.

We're really interested emergent behavior and just love the idea of posing on a letter and posting to Flickr. If you're interested in starting a Flickr pool please do so with our blessings. Send me a link when it's up and I'll post a link on our blog.

Get some sleep! christo